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Oxygen Challenge 8 Category Winners


We had an amazing turnout of women who took on the Oxygen Challenge 8 with a passion for physical, mental, and emotional challenges. Five athletes stood out, and today we honor them for their dedication, perseverance, and individuality. Oxygen.

Nneka Gerrard
(Photo: Nneka Gérard)

Nneka Gerrard: The Biggest Transformation

  • Age: 34
  • Location: Raleigh, NC
  • Occupation: HOTWORX Franchise owner
  • Team: Coach Sohee

“Oxygen Challenge 8 came at the absolute perfect time in my fitness journey. I was nine months pregnant when I saw the post about Oxygen Challenge 8. I was struggling to keep my diet and exercise consistent. I always knew that with my first pregnancy, changes would happen to my body that I’ve never experienced before. However, as a former trainer and bodybuilder I knew that once my body felt normal again, I would be able to return to my regular routine of lifting weights and taking dance classes. I had already started again in the past. Nothing could have prepared me for the feeling of disconnection from my own strength and will.

Although I was becoming more discouraged because everything felt foreign in the gym, it was where I felt physically and mentally at my best.

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