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Naturipe Farms launches ‘FeBLUEary’ campaign


Salinas, CA – Naturipe Farms, BB #:165382 the world’s largest producer of conventional and organic blueberries, is pleased to announce the launch of the sixth FeBLUEary campaign with strong promotable volumes of its proprietary blueberry varieties.

This robust start to blueberries’ peak import season begins with bright, juicy blueberries coming from Naturipe’s Peruvian, Mexican and Chilean growing regions.

“We are so excited to see the fruits of our growers’ labor. They’ve well-earned their reputation for growing high-quality and delicious berries year after year,” says Jim Roberts, President of Sales at Naturipe Farms. “Their dedication and commitment means retailers and shoppers are able to enjoy flavorful blueberries all year long. This first peak of the 2023 import season is an exciting time for Naturipe as we supply our exceptional proprietary varieties of the superfruit to grocery stores nationwide.”

Naturipe expects to promote their organic and conventional varieties from the beginning of the year through March. The largest quantities will be in February. Retailers have many opportunities to promote blueberries with different packs this season thanks to the large volumes

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