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Mauna – Noble Silence

Mauna – Noble Silence

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Mauna – Noble Silence

As a child, if I was being naughty or had crossed the line of discipline, I was given the punishment of staying ‘quiet’ and being by myself. You are not allowed to speak to anyone, or to do anything. Just be. Well, I was a child after all – so after just a few minutes of quietude, I would start getting busy, talking to myself, playing, forgetting all about the punishment. Aai, my mother, would return and show me her love after a while.

Silence = Punishment, with a reward.

I was about 10 years old when I heard the word ‘Mauna’ for the first time. Aai, who was once quite religious, began to turn to spiritualism. I would accompany her to the Aashram in her hometown, where she spent hours and sometimes even days in Mauna. I would accompany her to Seva (selfless services) in the kitchen and serving food. I was…

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