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‘Manifest’ Fans Are Demanding Answers Over the Latest Season 4 Release Date News on Twitter


Manifest fans, you may want to stop and pay attention to this. It’s been over a year since we got the exciting news that the NBC series would be moving to Netflix for a fourth and final season. Now, we’re all in the same boat (or plane!) when we say that we are hoping to get a premiere date ASAP. Well, it looks like the show’s creator may have an answer for us and it’s all thanks to a prolific author wanting to clear his calendar for a TV marathon.

Earlier this month, on June 14, fans noticed famed author Stephen King (the award-winning writer behind novels such as Carrie, The Shining and It) hopped on Twitter and posted about his love for the hit drama. More specifically, he wrote about how much he loved the first look the streamer shared. Unsurprisingly, he wanted some answers like when he could expect a premiere date.

“Netflix ‘Coming Soon’ clip fro MANIFEST looks really good,” he tweeted. “Only problem: I can’t clear my calendar yet.”

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Thankfully, Manifest creator Jeff Rake caught wind of Stephen’s inquiry and responded. But it wasn’t exactly a clear answer for when fans can block out their schedules to watch the new season. “Dear @StephenKing will try to get you a premiere date asap, sir!” he replied.

Understandably, several viewers were quite upset about the insufficient information Jeff gave. Many joined Stephen in asking for updates and others applauded him for speaking up on everyone’s behalf.

“Yes please!! Can’t wait to find out what truly happened to 828 (please tell me we find out ) Thank you for creating such an amazing show!” one fan wrote on Twitter. “@StephenKing you’re the actual king. Making moves,” another responded. “We’ll wait as long as it takes. I just hope it’s not 5 and a half years. Lol. Thanks Jeff and crew! Can’t wait! #ManifestNetflix,” a different person commented.

So, is there any news about a possible premiere date for Manifest season 4 on Netflix? Yes, there is. According to Deadline, Manifest season 4 will come out later this fall. Although there is no official release date to share yet, folks can’t help but theorize that it will debut on August 28, 2022 — a nod to the show’s Flight 828. What’s more, fans are going to have to sit tight for two premiere dates for Manifest season 4 because the last 20 episodes will be split into two different parts …

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