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Food Worth Waiting For


It seems that lines form at new restaurants to try the latest and greatest.

These lines are unsatisfying and make people expect more. Servers are more stressed because customers are always in a hurry. The wait is longer as the kitchen becomes jammed.

Unless you are willing to take a step back.

Dining out in America has the opportunity right now to become a leisurely experience—one in which you observe the people around you, stroll through the menu slowly, and discuss the options with your companions.

That’s how’s we treated a recent visit to a new spot in Rogers, Arkansas called Local Lime. (https://www.locallimetaco.com/)

They even advise such behavior on their website, saying: WE INVITE YOU TO RELAX, 

We went for a belated birthday celebration, and our server picked up on that and offered—without us asking—a complimentary dessert. That’s a great gesture!

First, we had to taste the taco sauces. The restaurant offers a multiple choice array of sauces, and they aren’t simply sweet to mild to spicy. These sauces include Caribbean Mango with papaya, mango, and pineapple, along with roasted tomatoes, jalapenos, cilantro, and lime. The Zucchini…

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