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Cinnamon Sugar Oatmeal Crackers.

Cinnamon Sugar Oatmeal Crackers.

These oat crackers are gluten-free and allergy-friendly! They have a great flavor that’s lightly sweet and perfectly spiced with cinnamon. The crackers have a crisp crunch that you will enjoy whether they are eaten plain or with fruit salsa.

You know, with all the cracker recipes I’ve made through the years…I had not made a sweet cracker yet.

There are no grahams or other crackers. This is a bit strange, as we enjoy grahams for snacks.

Well, that’s all changed now, because I decided to try something new the other day when I made these cinnamon sugar oatmeal crackers. The first thing my son said when he bit into one was, “Yum, are these graham crackers?” They do have a graham cracker-like quality, although the texture is a slightly different.

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