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Do you want to give yoga another chance?


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Do you want to give yoga another chance?

Orla Carlin wants you to think twice about quitting yoga.

It’s no secret that I hated yoga when I first started it many moons back. My mind was like an endless carousel that spun around other activities. My mind raced from ‘I just want cardio’ to I’d rather run on the treadmill.

It also helped that my natural inflexibility made it seem like I wasn’t trying at all during the yoga sessions I attended. There are many yoga teacher training crash programs available these days. Not all teachers are trained to recognize your limitations and give the attention you require in yoga classes, especially if you’re a beginner or have tight hamstrings.

You might also feel lonely if you are unable to keep up with your classmates in a gym class. This was how I felt, at least from time to time. Yoga was always a rollercoaster ride for me, but…

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