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Burnout in Kids – Why it’s Happening, and What Parents Can Do to Help


It might be possible. Be your mother’s burnout. Finnish researchers discovered that teens who are stressed out at school often have parents who have suffered from burnout. School burnout, defined as students’ exhaustion, cynicism about the value of school and feelings of inadequacy to be successful, influences students’ engagement with schoolwork, well-being and adjustment. The Finnish study suggests that burnout tends to run in families, as in a burned-out kid doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Why children can get burnout

Burnout can be described as a condition of exhaustion, whether it is mental, physical, or emotional. It happens when students face ongoing stress or frustration—with no time to relax and recharge. The day is jam-packed with school, homework, extracurriculars, homework, and the emotional rollercoaster of hormone wild rides, social pressures, and hormonal wild rides that kids experience. If kids don’t have time to recharge, the constant stress becomes anxiety, and the anxiety snowballs into burnout. Emotional exhaustion can affect their performance in certain tasks. At the same time, a child’s motivation and interest can be significantly impacted.

Which children are most at risk of burnout?

Children who learn differently

It is possible for nontypical children to…

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