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'AI.com' now takes you to ChatGPT. OpenAI clearly paid millions for it.


ChatGPT has received an important upgrade which will make it easier to access the AI chatbot.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is now the domain name AI.com. The domain name AI.com was bought in 2021 and did not become a website until this week. 

Mashable spoke with Jeffrey Gabriel, a prominent domain broker, who claimed credit for the sale. Gabriel was the broker who was involved in what was then the world’s most successful domain sale. Sale of the Sex.com Domains for $13,000,000 in 2010 

Gabriel could not confirm the identity of the buyer, but he said that the terms of the sale made it difficult to do so. OpenAI could have been done a massive favor that cost millions of dollars.

Mashable asked OpenAI for confirmation that it was the purchaser of the domain. OpenAI has not responded.


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Gabriel said to Mashable that it is obvious that the information becomes public when people go to it.

Gabriel confirmed that a domain “like AI.com” would sell for more than $10 million today. Gabriel also confirmed…

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