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81 Important ‘Eco Words’ Everyone Should Know


We celebrate Earth Month This year, you can improve your knowledge of ecology terms that are unfamiliar to you. In this era of escalating environmental concerns, expanding your awareness of “green lingo” is an exemplary priority indeed. Education is the best foundation to make healthy changes. After all, knowledge is power. These are some eco-terms that you should be aware of.

Wooden Letters Spelling Out Eco Words on Burlap Surface

Acidification – A decrease in the pH of the oceans caused by increased carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This acidity can cause reproductive problems in fish as well as abnormal shell growth in marine mammals.

Acid rain – A form of acid deposition, in which sulfur and nitrogen emissions are transformed by chemical processes in the atmosphere. Acid rain disintegrates nutrients trees need and reduces water uptake because of aluminum in the soil.

Aeroponics – In this highly sustainable plant-cultivation technique, the roots hang suspended in the air while they are misted with a nutrient solution.

Afforestation – The establishment of a forest or stand of trees in a formally barren area. Many governments and non-governmental organisations directly participate in afforestation programmes to increase carbon capture

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