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6 Innovations In Occupational Therapy


Most people may struggle in functioning in their daily lives due to illness, injury, physical pain, or mental conditions. While facing these challenges in life is normal, help is always available to make things more bearable. One of the effective treatments is occupational therapy. 

Occupational therapy can help people struggling with specific health conditions hindering them from being productive. A therapist assists the patient by teaching them easy ways to get back on their feet with minimum help from others. Some tools introduced during the sessions can also make the patient’s life more convenient and enjoyable. 

Throughout the years, occupational therapy has expanded and improved. Experts integrate different approaches and new technology to make treatment better. Some of these innovations are the following. 

  • Online Healthcare Services 

The pandemic has limited human interaction, so even occupational therapists had to find a way to connect with their patients continuously. Although the world has recovered, online healthcare services remain available for everyone who needs them, especially for occupational therapy. 

Although convenient and practical for various conditions, online sessions are most suitable for mental health occupational therapy. People facing challenges with their mental health may struggle to function at home, work, or school. Occupational therapy provides support to help patients attain their life goals. 

Technology has made occupational therapy more accessible, especially for young professionals busy building their careers. Treatment sessions can be done at work or at home, any time the patient prefers. 

  • Use Of Health Tracking Apps 

Technology has made a significant impact on occupational therapy. It has made consultations, assessments, and monitoring more manageable and accurate. With the help of smart devices and health tracking apps, occupational therapists can continuously monitor clients’ health. 

Occupational therapists use various health tracking apps to monitor patients’ physical activities. It includes monitoring their heart rate, daily steps, breathing patterns, sleep quality, and blood pressure. As the patient wears the device, the therapist can access the data even when they’re away.

Everyone has specific needs depending on their health conditions. Occupational therapy is no longer a one-size-fits-all type of treatment. Instead, it begins with a thorough assessment of the patient’s needs to provide a personalized approach. This way, one can get all the necessary lessons and tools for recovery and a better day-to-day life. 

The personalized approach of occupational therapy makes the treatment more effective. A therapist can fully cater to the patient’s unique needs. For instance, someone recovering from a severe injury may need more physical assistance, while one struggling with anxiety needs more psychological support. 

  • Services In Various Conditions And Settings 

Occupational therapy started in Ancient Greece as a treatment for mental and emotional conditions. It has evolved to treat a wide range of physical difficulties in modern times. It can be a supplementary treatment for chronic illnesses like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. 

People struggling with their mental health can also reap the benefits of undergoing occupational therapy. Mental conditions like anxiety, depression, and PTSD can significantly impact one’s career and daily interactions. Neglecting treatment can only worsen the situation and limit the sense of fulfillment they should achieve daily. 

Furthermore, occupational therapy plays a significant role in making life easier for children who are physically or mentally challenged. This treatment enables children with disabilities to perform daily school activities. It guides them to be productive adults in the future.  

  • Holistic Wellness Programs 

Occupational therapy is no longer limited to those struggling with particular health conditions. Some facilities offer holistic wellness programs for anyone interested. These sessions can help improve one’s quality of life and overall well-being. 

Wellness programs done by professional occupational therapists are effective in preventing some health issues. They do a proper health assessment and utilize the data to create a personalized program. One can learn how to make healthy choices to make life better and more fulfilling. 

Moreover, these wellness programs are often available for all ages. It’s open to children with learning difficulties, young adults practicing better social interactions, and even parents struggling with relaxation. Occupational therapy provides specific and efficient solutions. 

Some mobile and video games can now be utilized as a part of exercises in occupational therapy sessions. Some games help improve the patient’s memory and motor skills while keeping it fun. This innovation makes therapy sessions more enjoyable, especially for kids. 

One good example of a helpful tool is a driving video game. Therapists can utilize it to improve the patients’ spatial reasoning. It’s fun, convenient, and safe since it can be done in the comfort of their home. 

Moreover, there are also mobile games used and enjoyed by seniors. Some games help improve their coordination, focus, and eye movement. Therapists may utilize these apps to entertain and treat seniors in care homes. 


The reach, function, and accessibility of occupational therapy have improved over the past few decades. With the help of new health findings and technological innovations, treatments have become more effective, convenient, and reliable for therapists and their patients.

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