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34 Candles That Smell Like Food or Drink

34 Candles That Smell Like Food or Drink

For thousands of years, candles have been made by humans to resemble food. Researchers believe that Romans invented candles. used tallow wax — derived from the meat of cows and sheep — and twine in 500 BC. Others point to ancient Egyptians from 5,000 years back. Over the last few months, with the release of several new scented candles from restaurateurs, it’s safe to say we’ve hit peak smelly candles.

A article in Eater Recent attention was drawn to the newest wave of candles. These candles smell like delicious dishes that you’d find at your favorite restaurants or fast-food chains. Junior’s cheesecake, Katz’s egg cream, and Shake Shack’s burger. We’ve covered the topic before (as in the White Castle burger candle Archived from 2010). 

The global scented candle market was valued in the region of $533.5 Million 2020 The top-selling scents are vanilla, citrus and pumpkin. There are many companies that sell a variety of scenty candles. Magic Candle Company, GooseCreek Candles, Beaver Creek, OverSoyed, H-E-B And The Bath & Wick Shop. And then there’s always Etsy.

Below are 34 food-forward candles that you can purchase today. We’ve also organized them into four conceptual categories: highbrow…

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